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Chuck has extensive experience spread across a variety of industries. He worked for Les Schwab Tire Centers for nearly 20 years before starting a granite counter top business that he ran for a decade. Chuck has always been involved with peoples highest valued possessions in one form or another, their homes and vehicles. His experience and drive led him to his next endeavor, real estate.

Chuck has been in real estate for close to three years. When first starting, he was on a team but quickly got off when the opportunity to do a flip presented itself. He was unable to contribute to his team until the flip was complete, which was about the time the Novaks reached out to him.

When doing the flip, it became apparent to Chuck that being on his own was not something he really wanted to do. He liked the comradery, he liked to encourage people, and he liked to be encouraged. Being by himself was not want he wanted to do as he enjoyed constant interaction with people. The contract and transaction coordination are not something he loved to do, which made the ability to leverage a robust team to assist even more appealing.

He found everything he wanted with The Novak Team. Everyone pushes each other hard. They live by the “work hard, play hard” ideology and everyone has a great time together.

Prior to joining The Novak Team, in his first year as a real estate agent, he completed just 13 transactions followed by 17 during his second year. Last year, his first with The Novak Team, he did 34. While he is enjoying great success, he believes the team might not be a great fit for everyone. Most people in the industry do not want to put in the hours and work as hard as the team works.

If people are looking for just a 40 hour a week job and want to go home and shut everything off, The Novak Team is not for them. But those who really want to push, those who want the accountability and want to produce at a really high level then it is a good idea to have a conversation with the team. It really will open possibilities.

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