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What should home buyers look out for during their home inspection?

When tying up a home in a contract and during the home inspection you should look out for three major categories:

1) Honey-Do-Item: From Doorknobs to cabinet doors: Some small items that are not essential to the home won't be fixed by most sellers in a competitive market. As a real estate agent, I would not recommend asking for honey-do-items in a competitive market if you would like your offer to be accepted.

2) Triple defect: A bad water heater, a furnace that is not working and other major items can cost thousands of dollars in repair. If you are getting reimbursed for the repair or the items are repaired prior to closing, it still makes sense to move forward with the home purchase!

3) Major non curable defect: This last category is the reason you do a home inspection! The crumbling foundation and other catastrophic items are red flags that should keep you from moving forward with buying this home.

During an inspection, you are looking out for the triple defects and major defects - not honey do items.

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