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5 Key Strengths of a Real Estate Team from The Novak Team on Vimeo.

Teams provide an excellent support system for any real estate agent looking to sell more homes. 

However, it's better to not be on a team at all than to be on a dysfunctional team. 

Here are five of the most important elements to look for in a real estate team (and that we incorporate on our own). 

The Big 5

  1. Trust. You need a team you can rely on. One huge advantage of a team is that they can take your clients to show a home when you aren't available. Will you be able to trust your team to uphold the standards and quality of service you strive for?

  2. Conflict. It's ok to respectfully disagree on things. That's what drives growth and allows your team to brainstorm and come up with great solutions. Once a decision is made, top-producing teams align with it and create results (without second-guessing).

  3. Commitment. The best teams go all in on executing their habits and goals. Each individual understands how important their role is in accomplishing the team's overall goals. 

  4. Accountability. Team members should hold each other accountable to their goals and dreams, helping them along the way and ensuring that there is no sideways behavior that brings the whole team down.

  5. Attention to Results. Our team is obsessed with achievement. We set goals and are unified in achieving them. Everyone can see the effect that their daily habits have on the team’s goal and excel at doing their part, day in and day out