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Online home shopping can be fun and easy - but not every real estate database is worth your time. Mike Novak from The Novak Team in Everett shares his take on common real estate websites, their reliability and which database can help you achieve your dream of homeownership.

What is the best website to look for homes for sale? The response may be shocking for you: Zillow is not our favorite homepage to search. With being slow on updates, you might find your dream house on Zillow, just to find out it has been sold six months ago.


  1. Zillow might be one of the best know websites on the market, but it is not updated very quickly, resulting with fake results of houses that are not actually available.

  2. Estimates on Zillow are fully automated, what makes then less reliable. Zestimates are heavily based on the price per square foot and can be slow to react on market changes.

  3. A better alternative: Our database at is updated very quickly and allows you to search by area, school district and whatever is important to you.

  4. offers a tool to value your home as well!

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