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Thinking about moving out of state? Do you currently own a home here in Snohomish County? Are you looking to buy in your new location? There are three things you need to do to ensure you are properly preparing for you out of state move.


Connect with good Realtors


Connecting with good realtors is very important. If there is someone in the current area that you have worked with before, have them reach out and get the referral for you. If you have a realtor assisting with the sale of your home, they should be able to provide a referral to an agent in your new location. Referral partners are huge, and it is important that your realtors are connected and communicating about your timeline and goals


Get true net proceeds info


The agent that is working with you on listing your current home needs to provide you information on what it will cost you to sell your house. You are depending on the equity from your current home for your next purchase and will need to know if it is realistic to buy in your new locale. Not knowing how much you will be able to bring to the table and falling short can be devastating down the road.


Work towards a realistic timeline


If there are some honey do items that you need to complete around the house, and you know the move is impending, do not go into contract with your new home right away. If you know you have a couple weeks’ worth of work to do before your current residence is ready to list, take care of that first and ensure you will not miss crucial dates outlined in a contract.


Work with your realtors, communicate on with the agents on both sides as you develop your home buying timeline. Properly preparing for your out of state move will assist in creating a smooth transition as to you move on to the next stage in your life.

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