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Looking for a house? Literarily getting a foot into the door early can improve your chances in a sellers market!

The busy Snohomish County housing market keeps us on our toes. No wonder that buyers and agents are wondering how to improve their chances of getting their offer accepted!

The secret: Be the first to show or visit a new listing!

  1. Don’t wait for the weekend: In a fast-moving market, it absolutely makes a difference if you visit a new listing as one of the first agents or prospective buyers. Don't wait for the open house or the weekend - your dream house could already be sold by then!
  2. Beat the sign: Call your agent the first day you see a new home on the market. "Beating the sign to the listing" is a matter of pride for us - we want to show you a potential new home before the "For sale"-signs are even up.
  3. Get your offer in: What goes for visiting a new listing also goes for writing an offer. Get your offer in before the open house attracts more interest for your dream house!

Want to know more about the right timing of searching for, visiting and making an offer on your dream house?

Tap into the insights of our team – contact us right away!


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