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Is now the right time to buy or sell? Is it still a good time to sell? Is it a good time to buy or should I wait until prices get down? Our market report for April 2019 has all the information you need to make a good decision for your investment!

Great news for buyers!

The real estate market is shifting in your favor. Now is the right time to buy. But: The market is still hot. Don’t wait for the weekend to get a foot into the door! The house you like could already be sold at the end of the week.

Another hint to give you an advantage: Get fully underwritten, not just pre-approved. Your offer will be stronger when you are fully underwritten – it’s a game changer!

Writing a clean offer can make your offer stand out and help you achieving your dream of home ownership!

Right Pricing For Sellers

Make sure you list right now. It’s the spring selling market and we have the biggest surge of buyers right now. Don’t wait for the summer to get your home ready to sell!

Pricing right is still essential! You will see multiple offers at the right price point – if you price wrong, your house might be sitting on the market and you might miss the right time to sell.

Remember: Your home isn’t a lottery ticket. Your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. An established real estate agent can talk to you about pricing your home right!

  • Average sales price in Snohomish County: 519,000 Dollar

  • Prices are up 6.7 percent

  • Home Sales are up 44 percent

  • Average 29 days on market

  • Months of inventory: 1.7 months (41 percent increase)


When searching for a home it’s important to figure out the right timing! Contact us for a more in-depth consultation!


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