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It's no secret that the market is hot right now. Home prices just keep shooting up, and many wonder if we should be preparing for a shift in the market. 

That leads to a lot of potential homeowners who think that maybe right now isn't the right time to buy, or that it's better to stick with renting. 

Everyone's process is different, but I just wanted to provide a few of the key benefits to home ownership.

  1. You get a steady payment. If you're renting, your landlord can raise your payment on you at any time. With home ownership, you'll lock in the same rate when you get your mortgage and that won't change over time (as long as you keep paying it). 

  2. It's a steady asset. Real estate has proven to be a very safe asset, increasing at 3% over time. Even if the market dips, you'll still get that increase over the long run. 

  3. Stability for you and your family. Owning saves you from the hassle of having to constantly switch school districts or move all of your stuff around every year or two.