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April Real Estate Market Report for Snohomish County from The Novak Team on Vimeo.

Snohomish County Real Estate Market Trends - April 2018

One of the most important ways real estate agents add value is through a deep understanding of the current market.

Each month, we conduct an in-depth analysis of market trends to help you make the best buying/selling decisions.

Here’s what we’re seeing when comparing April 2018 to April 2017:

  • An increase in new listings. This time last year, there were 14,242. This April comes in slightly higher at 14,736, indicating that the market is healthy.

  • An Increase in closings. Last April we saw 12,711 deals closed. This year it’s up to 13,093.

  • A decrease in days on market. We’ve been seeing this trend all year. Houses were on the market for 12 days last year and now it’s down to 9 days.

  • Months supply is down. Also concurrent with recent trends, there is less inventory on the market (1.5 down to 1.2).

  • Average sales price is up. This one is huge! A 13% increase from 429K to 485K. The ROI of owning a house right now is incredible.

Explanation of Current Market Conditions

A lot of clients ask us what we think of the current market, and whether or not we could be in a bubble.

There are a handful of factors that are creating such a healthy market. Construction rates are still low, meaning less new construction and more demand for existing homes. Interest rates are also still low, meaning more people who can afford a home and drive up demand. We’re seeing a general trend of people who are dissatisfied with renting and wanting to own something, especially with millennials.

The housing market is especially healthy here in the Pacific Northwest because it’s a great place to live. We have a big tech movement with a lot of great companies moving their headquarters up here, attracting people to our beautiful coasts and mountains.

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