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July 2019 Snohomish County Housing Market Report


Take Advantage now!

What is going on with our Snohomish County Housing market? Our monthly market report makes sure you stay up to date!


July 2019 was an interesting month for both buyers and sellers!

Let’s take a quick look at the July data for Snohomish County:  



Average home price is up 4% to $531,000



The average days on the market increased to 31 days


The months inventory supply is at 1.8 months

on market


The number of homes (inventory level) for sale increased by 35%


What it means for


With houses sitting on the market a bit longer, you have more competition. Remember: People shop by comparison. Are you getting your house sold or are you helping other houses to get sold? It’s still a good time to sell, if you price right the first time!

Remember: The buyers pool will shrink when interest rates rise. Take advantage of the high purchase power right now!

What it means for


Low interest rates increase your purchase power and give you more options!

It’s time to shop! With more houses on the market it’s a great time to be a qualified buyer! With lower competition, you have time to search for the perfect home.


Still, especially in the lower price range: Make sure you are qualified and fully pre-approved to get out there and find the right house for you!



The real estate market is strong

If you are thinking about selling, give us a call. And if you are a buyer, you have to get your foot into the door, as the market is stabilizing - but we still see multiple offers. Contact us right away, get pre-approved and don’t wait for the weekend to start the search for your dream home!

Plus: Interest rates are LOW - some as low as high 3% range! Even if you are not buying and selling, you can save several hundred dollars a month doing a refinance. 

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