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Take your Career to the Next Level

Whether you are an experienced agent struggling to break through on your own, or a brand new agent not sure where to start, we have a program designed to help you be successful in real estate. Click the most relevant button below to learn more about our team and how we can help you. 

New Agents Starting your career in real estate can be a daunting concept! Do you start with leads, which CRM do you choose, how do you learn the language of sales and real estate….there are literally a million things it feels like you need to learn and master right away. If you are an experienced agent, you likely know that it can be really difficult to try to wear so many hats at once, one day you are the marketing person, the next you are a transaction coordinator, the next you're dealing with an angry buyer or seller.



A team of high energy, hard charging, passionate team members that achieve the top sales in Snohomish County and in Washington state.


Provide an unparalleled home buying or selling experience for our clients and unrivaled opportunities for our team.



• We treat people like we want to be treated (team mates and clients)

•We take extreme ownership for our lives and for our actions

•We determine our outcomes by controlling our habits

•We don't tolerate mediocre- it's the best or its unacceptable

•We make it happen, we don't make excuses.

• We operate from a mindset of abundance and not of scarcity
•We operate on the belief that what is good for one as it pertains to our

clients or team is good for all; our actions reflect this always

•We get shit done


Why work at NovaK Team?

Our team welcomes humble, hungry and smart experienced agents to talk with us about the value we provide to our agents and see if there is possibly a good fit. For our agents, we offer a lot of unique advantages to help you make it for the long run in real estate and help you develop winning habits.

Training Programs

Training Programs are designed to give you the road map to success and are lead by our team leader who has been a top producer himself


we generate 1500+ per month of them!

Tech Advantage

is second to none and makes lead conversion drastically higher than the rest of the market


We have online training as well as shadowing our experiences agents to help you get your skills honed in


is available to help you continually improve both one on one and in monthly group coaching.

Transaction Coordination

we keep you in your track and doing what you do best- meeting with clients and selling homes. Our transaction coordinator takes over once you get mutual acceptance

Listing Coordination

our listing coordinator takes over for the listing agents when they get a listing signed to coordinate all of the pre listed activities that have to occur

ISA Team

we have a team of skilled callers that work in our office to support the agents prospecting activities and to help you go on more appointments

Showing Assistance

We have a showing partner available to our buyer agents so you can have quality of life and sell more homes


Our average agent is closing between 2-3 homes a month as a buyers agent, which means you can make a six figure income without having to be on your own, handling admin tasks, or not having support to focus on what you do best.


Together at NOVAK TEAM

Learn more about our team and our culture


Hear it from our Team

Matt Hawkins
Buyers Agent
I was on my own as an agent for 6 months before I joined the team.

"I was working another full time job, and not making any progress and had 0 sales. After 5 months on the team I've sold 10 homes. Joining the Novak team accelerated my progress as an agent 100x. The training the team provides is fantastic.

They give you the road map on what to say to clients and prospects, how to write competitive offers, time management and prioritizing your day, and how to leverage technology to work for you. My favorite part of the team though is being surrounded by like minded people who want to work hard and achieve great success together."

Matt Hawkins
Buyers Agent
Chuck Weinberg
Squad Leader
I was on a team when I first started real estate.

This team is very unique in many ways- work ethic, encouragement, accountability, training and technology. Think work hard/play hard and you're close.

If you're humble, hungry and smart (socially smart) and coachable you will love it here.

I can't wait to meet you and to watch you learn and grow and motivate us old guys and you soar to levels you never thought possible. See you at the top.

Chuck Weinberg
Squad Leader