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Beth Evans - Transaction Coordinator

I've been in the Real Estate industry for about two years now. I have two offspring, ages six and one year as well as a seven year old German Shepherd. In my free time I enjoy all things PNW- hiking, camping, paddle boarding, napping and drinking large quantities of coffee.

Ryan Sikma - Executive Assistant

Ryan Sikma, 27 Years old. Born and Raised in the Pacific Northwest. Here to help and support in any way possible to ensure the best home buying or selling experience possible for our clients!

Tyler Stracener - Inside Sales, Squad Leader

Victoria Centanni - Showing Partner

Victoria has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years.She loves to bake and wrangle cats!

Jackie Kelly - Inside Sales

My whole life I have tended to "go against the grain." I started a business at 18 and paid my way through college, debt-free. I have taught myself two computer programming languages, the ins & outs of the ecommerce business hierarchy, and how to short-term and long-term invest in the stock market. After high school I attended the University of Washington with a goal to pursue a PhD in mathematics--concurrently working as a marketing and administrative assistant to a real estate team. It is there I realized two things: a traditional degree will not help me achieve my goals, and I was capable of achieving so much more within real estate.

I am passionate about growth, and I believe to my core that knowledge is power. The more knowledge and experience I have increases the amount of value I am able to offer each client. This is why I listen to podcast, watch documentaries, and read books in my free time--as well as go to the gym and play soccer!